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Whether you’re a tent camper or have a monstrous RV there are always little gizmos and gadgets that will make your camping or travel trips that much more enjoyable.

In my continuing search for new and wonderful things to recommend to my readers & subscribers, I have discovered a few more gems that you may find useful on your RV/camping trips.

If anyone has a gizmo or gadget for RVing or camping that you cannot live without I would love to hear from you. If I use it I will mention your name if you like. Please leave your suggestion in the comment area.

Cupboard Doors

Rv cupboards


No matter what RV we have owned there always seems to be an occasion when one or more cupboard door flies open allowing the contents to become UFO’s landing and even breaking. A neat little gizmo my wife came up with to keep the cupboard doors closed is velcro ties to go around the handles, works great and keeps the doors closed. Lynda says to use a piece of material and sew velco to each end, if you’re not a sewer maybe glue would work.

Cell Phone Signal Booster


cell phone signal booster

Getting cell phone reception can often be an issue when camping and of course these days we need to be connected where ever we roam, especially for safety and emergency situations. There are several to choose from depending on your requirements. Click here to check out the signal boosters I came across.

WiFi Extender

wifi extender

When camping or RVing in a park that offers wifi you know at times it is almost impossible to get on the network. Using a wifi extender will help to amplify signal strength there by increasing connection speed. Click here to check them out.

TV Signal Booster

Most RVs these days come with a TV antenna but even the power antennas at time do not pick up a strong enough signal for a clear picture. There are many to choose from at a reasonable price. Click here to check them out.

Trailer Axle Crutch

If you have a flat tire on your double axle trailer and do not have a spare or worse if you blow a bearing this little gadget will save your bacon, it allows you to piggy back on the other axle. Check it out at this website.

Telescopic RV Ladder 
telescpic ladder
12′ telescopic ladder

If your RV doesn’t have an attached ladder or even if it does this easy to store ladder is handy for cleaning and  waxing your RV, cleaning windows, or performing regular maintenance tasks. The telescopic feature makes it easy to store. Click here to check it out.

RV Ladder Chair Hook

Chair hook

Chairs are always a pain to store in the compartments of your RV hanging them on your rear ladder with this inexpensive hook will free up room in your storage compartments. Click here to check it out.

RV Water Filter

water filter

Unfortunately many areas we travel to have drinkable water but it may not taste the best. A water filter that attaches to your city connection on your RV will help with the taste. These filters are not suitable for undrinkable water. Click here to check them out.

BBQ Mounting Bracket

RV BBQ bracket

This is a good idea. When camping everything including the BBQ and camp stove are nicely set on a table ready for use,  but then the wind comes up and things are no longer nice.  In fact now we have a mess to deal with and sometimes broken too.  A sturdy bracket like this attached to your RV would prevent this disaster. Click here to check it out.

Grilling Table

Grilling table

When camping or RVing it is nice to have a designated grilling area, it keeps everything neat and in its place. It also keeps everyone else from invading your area. Click here to check them out.

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I hope this article is some help to you on your RV/camping trips.

I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV/camping travels complete with product  links, click here to check out my list & links.


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