Hitting the Road in Your RV – An RV Check List


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Now that your RV is all checked out and serviced there will probably be other items that need your attention.

  • Travel Insurance (Medical & Vehicle) – especially if you are traveling outside your province or state or country, your medical insurance will not cover you and your family. Travel insurance check out Insure & Go specializing in travel insurance click here. You may not think of this but if you are sick or injured you may need to get home to good medical care Med-jet is the way, click here to check out their site.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • Pet vaccinations records – if your crossing into another country.
  • Food & organics – the USA is especially strict about bring anything organic into the country, even firewood. We were turned back once with firewood and other times we had food taken away. So don’t stock up before you cross the border. Most things are cheaper in the USA anyway. For US Customs info click this link http://www.cbp.gov/
  • Passports – check to see if they are current. Our friends had left home and on their way when they realized they had taken their expired passports lucky they noticed before heading to the airport.pass ports
  • GPS & maps – good navigation is key. Don’t forget to update your gps before you hit the road, we made the mistake…….I usually don’t like to spend money if we don’t have to, so Lynda says to me as we are getting ready for our annual trek to the sunny south “should I update the gps” no I said we just updated it last season what could have changed so much in a year, We have had our Garmin for years.  Click this link for GPS navigators @ Amazon, the second page has a Garmin RV GPS. A GPS is mandatory, you also need good detailed maps. I like these soft cover atlases click here to check out my review.
  • Lets Stop –  So we head out, I think it was our second night. Its getting dark, we’re on some secondary hwy on the coast and we’re looking for a place to stop for the night.
  • When on the road we usually stay at Walmart or a casino. It seems a waste on money to spend $30 just to sleep for a few hours. So here we are no Walmart, casino or any other suitable place, not even a truck stop, (we don’t normally stay in truck stops, too noisy with trucks running their refers and coming and going all night).
  • So finally I say to Lynda, “find an RV park on our route” she quickly has one come up on the GPS. So we pull in and stay the night. In the morning I head to the office to pay, (the office was closed when we pulled in), its pouring rain, and I am expecting $20 – $40, when the clerk said $65.surprised look I almost soiled my pants. I guess he sensed my reaction and staited “you are on the coast you know” I guess I hadn’t notice the ocean with the rain and all. So we head out, about 1/2 mile away we hit an under pass and as we come out the other side there before our eyes is a brand new Walmart, we just laughed. So keep your GPS up to date.
  • Electronic devices and chargers – we now have several chargers for each device. We find handy to have is a power bank charger when you don’t have access to power, check these out on Amazon.
  • Passwords?
  • Address bookpills
  • Prescriptions – make sure you have enough for your trip, although if you are heading to Mexico you can get most prescription drugs much cheaper.
  • Credit Cards – notify them that you are traveling or you may be declined.
  • Proof of residence –  if you are visiting another country its a good idea to bring a utility bill or something that has the same address and your drivers license.
  • Length of Stay – Most countries have a maximum length of stay, and it may be a combination of several years as in the USA. Conversely some states and provinces have restriction as to how long you may be away from home, this mainly involves medical insurance. For example some provinces allow you to be out of the province for 7 months while others are less and the USA allows visits of a maximum of 6 months.
  • Cellular phones – in Canada the cell phone rates can become a major cost, even if you have a US plan. The alternative is to buy a phone when you cross the border, we have tried Trac phones, $50. with 400 minutes and free long distance. cell phonesOur latest is an android phone that I had unlocked for $30 so I can change the SD card to T-Mobile, $50 per month = unlimited calling including long distance and because the phone is also a hot spot we have unlimited wireless internet although a limited amount of 4G, which I believe is something to do with the speed. A  relatively new product  is a hot spot, it works about the same as a wireless router except its connected to the internet through the cell network, Check these out on Amazon
  • Proof of Ownership – if you are taking anything with you of substantial value, such as ATV’s, motorbikes, etc.
  • Satellite dish and receiver – many RV’s are equipped with TV dishes – if you want to stay in touch with your home news etc. It can be a challenge to set up but very possible with a satellite finder @ Amazon, these are for the regular TV dish. An antenna booster  for your roof mounted TV antenna is also an option.satillite dish We use Shaw direct, we used to use Bell but they reconfigured their dish so you can no longer receive a signal in the southern states. There are several more sophisticated  Satellite TV,  the higher priced ones on full automatic just set it outside and plug it in. Check them out on Amazon. There are many other things you may want to bring with you, bikes, golf gear, etc.
  • Tool Box – with a good assortment. I usually have a project or 2 related to our RV so I bring whatever tools I would need to do this. Waxing the exterior is a project, it keeps the graphic decals from fading, so I’ve read.
  • Travel plan – including your route, stop overs, and destination, and if you are traveling during the fall winter or spring its a good idea to check the road weather of your route. So you don’t have to spend the night on some mountain path waiting for a blizzard to pass through as we did. Check out this e-book on highway mountain passes for RVers. Its a good idea to leave a rough itinerary with a family or friends.snowy road
  •  Protection – although traveling in an RV is generally safe you never know when some one will bang on you door and scare the, well you know what I mean. A fairly new protection device is on the market now for consumers Taser. You probably need to check the laws of your state or province before ordering. Taser seems like a great alternative to a gun, Click here to check them out.

The above list should help with your travel prep. You probably have other things you need, I think my wife has her own list.

There is one more thing I should mention, what happens to your mail while you are gone and is someone checking on your home. A insurance person mentioned that you should have someone checking on your home and actually going inside and noting in writing the date and time. Click her to check out my article on RV and home security.

For a comprehensive list of  the things you may need on your travels, click here to see my article The Things you Need.

I know there is a lot to take care of but trust me it will make your trip more relaxing and once you have done it, the next time will be much smoother and most of this can be done ahead of time.

Now you are ready to start living the RV Life Style Dream.

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Happy Trails

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