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Downtown Boston, Massachusetts
Downtown Boston, Massachusetts
Tuesday, October 10 – Day 43
Goodbye to Boston, unfortunately, two days was all we could allow because of our tight schedule. When planning the trip, we knew traveling during the fall meant we would not have the luxury of doddling, the longer we take the more chance of encountering cold weather.
Our next destination is Croton Point Park, a state park campground hidden in the trees on the banks of the Hudson River about an hour train ride to the Big Apple. We planned to stay for a week while we visit New York City. The cost of camping is reasonable at $250 weekly.
A warm sunny morning and high humidity as we left Circle CG Farms RV Resort in Bellingham, Massachusetts. Ralph and Lois lead today, since leaving home, we’ve taken our turns leading the group (not sure the proper language). Leading can be stressful especially in heavy traffic and narrow roads, following is much less stressful.
Between our three rigs, we have 5 GPS’s none of them ever agree on the route especially in the east where there can be several possible routes.
Usually the evening before a traveling day we compare GPS’s to confirm the end destination and that the traveling time is similar.
Everything was normal for most of the drive until we took an exit off the freeway. Immediately we noticed a large sign reading ‘cars only’, something we had not seen before.
We mistakenly ignored the sign and carried on along the route our GPS ‘s directed us. After a mile or so we came to an old stone arch overpass with a sign reading 10-foot. clearance, Oh Oh……… this was not good.  Ralph quickly moved into the middle lane as a precaution.
The ‘cars only’ sign is beginning to make sense.
 At the next red light, a driver pulled up beside Henry and tells him we could get a huge fine for traveling on this parkway. Another driver says the same to me, we shared the information with Ralph and Lois over the radio, but it was too late for them to turn off.
Henry and I took the first turn off the parkway.
A question comes to mind, why is this road called a ‘parkway’ but you cannot park on it and a ‘driveway’ is a place to park not drive???? What a strange language.
Lynda and I made our way to the campground while Henry and Allyson waited for Ralph and Lois to return. After a time, Henry and Allyson followed thinking Ralph and Lois would meet us at the campground.
We all made it to Croton Park safe and sound although Ralph and Lois arrived about an hour later obviously rattled by the experience.
Farther along the old arched overpasses provided even less clearance and Henry’s 5th wheel would not have made it through. The group was stunned at what may have happened and a new awareness of our vulnerability to unexpected narrow roads and low overpasses.
We should have had this is the GPS (Garmin RV 770), it would have kept us off unpassable roads.

We set our rigs up for a longer stay, 5 nights, our last extended stay was in Halifax a couple of weeks ago.
Everyone looked forward to power, water, TV and a break from driving, and of course, one of the highlights of our trip, exploring the Big Apple.
All day my truck’s info center dinged constantly reminding me to ‘check trailer wiring’. The sound is becoming irritating, as I explained to Lynda the only good thing about the situation, the trailer brakes continue to work otherwise I would have no choice but to take the time to get the problem fixed.
Early to bed for the group, everyone was tired from the stressful drive.

Wednesday, October 11 – Day 44
It was time to take a day off from our hectic schedule and enjoy some R & R.
Clouds and sun in the morning changing to full sun and warmer temperatures by the afternoon.
We enjoyed a lazy morning. After lunch, the girls headed to the train station for a schedule and the visitor’s center which we passed on the way into the park.
Our campsite Croton Point Park - on the Hudson River New York State
Our campsite Croton Point Park – on the Hudson River New York State
The guys stayed behind to take care of some routine maintenance and help Ralph with his trailer’s outside shower, a leak had developed inside the wall. Also, his air conditioner was not working.
We removed the outside shower housing and discovered a couple of loose fittings, a simple fix.
Next, the air conditioner. Once the cover was removed we saw a broken wire hanging from a bus bar, another easy fix.
The three of us were proud, two successful repairs in record time, but too early in the day to celebrate.
The issue with my truck and the trailer wiring nagged at me. I decided to conduct an experiment and plug Ralph’s trailer into my truck’s plug to see if the problem lies with my truck or my trailer.
My theory has always been the truck, it was confirmed immediately after plugging in Ralph’s trailer, ding ding ‘check trailer wiring’ it had been lying to me all along.
We enjoyed a relaxing afternoon and a short bike ride, most of us had not ridden a bicycle in years so a short ride was perfect.
Ralph & Lois's campsite Croton Point Park - on the Hudson River New York State
Ralph & Lois’s campsite Croton Point Park – on the Hudson River New York State
After a rest from the grueling ride, the group convened for discussions about the next day’s trip to New York City. The girl’s research of the commuter train schedule discovered to avoid paying full price we should not board the train until after rush hour.
Don’t forget to get the Garmin RV 770 this amazing gadget is a must for all RVers.  It will keep you on the right track and avoid unpassable roads.

We also decided on another hop on hop off tour using a Groupon. Hop on hop off tour is perfect for checking out a new city. The commentator explains the history and interesting facts about the attractions.
Our son suggested we make the hop on hop off tour our first excursion that way we can get the lay of the land so to speak and decide which attractions to return to.
A mini celebration was in order, we had made it across Canada and now we are about to explore one of the world’s iconic cities, New York City…….how exciting!!!
Ralph brought out his propane fire, I set up my satellite radio, we filled our wine glasses and enjoyed an evening of music and conversation in anticipation of our newest and exciting adventure.
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