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Gizmos and gadgets

Almost all of my articles contain several products or services that will help with your camping or RVing trips. I come across so many great products that occasionally I put several into one post.

Some products are necessities while others are for convenience. This is my fourth article on gizmos & gadgets. If you would like to see more gizmos & gadgets do a search at the top of the page and it will bring my other 3 articles up.

As I have said before Amazon is my favorite place for RV accessories, the prices are usually better than other stores and reviews of the products are included on the order page. Plus quick and reliable shipping.

Save your RV batteries by replacing the power guzzling lights with power saving LED lights.


I don’t know about you but when we are camping or RVing I hate the early morning light shining in the ceiling vent, this soft cushion works great to keep your bedroom dark.

I have bought many sewer hoses and because I am thrifty (cheap) I  usually buy the cheapest variety. This one is more expensive but it lasts much longer, saving you money.

With the sewer hose you need a support, it keeps the hose off the ground and helps it last longer. Most RV parks require a sloped support like this one.

For some of us the RV/camping season is coming to an end and with that the chore of winterizing. Probably the most important part is clearing the water lines to prevent damage from freezing. This little gizmo will help.

When we arrive at our destination and are ready to set up camp I would always pull out my level and lay it on the counter or floor to check to see if our rig was level. It was tedious running in and out until I spotted these little beauties. Stick them at a convenient spot on your RV to aid in leveling.

If you do not have a compressor to blow out your water lines this is light weight and inexpensive, remember you need a tank for air volume and pressure to blow out your water lines.

This handy bracket/clip keep your spices from rolling around in the cupboards.

Traveling in your RV often presents the challenge of good tasting drinkable water .Often the water is safe to drink but it has a strange taste or odor. This filter will cure that and this is the lowest price I have seen in awhile. Remember a water filter will not clean contaminated water.

Don’t forget to sanitize your RV water holding tank at least once a year. Fill the tanks 1/3 full, add 1 cup chlorine bleach fill the tank and run the water pump for a couple of minutes and let water run through each faucet, refill the tank and let sit overnight. Drain and rinse your tank. Not to worry about adding too much chlorine bleach, chlorine is always used to disinfect our drinking water, just make sure you flush your tank and water lines before refilling.

Vehicle phone charger with USB ports.

A potable water hose is a must for all of us RVers, I included this hose because of the price great.

Camping and RVing, picnicing , lunch, dinner, happy hour or just visiting with friends all have something in common, the experience is much better with a glass of wine. I discovered this online retailer.

Fine wine
Good friends, good wine, and good food, that’s life

 Wine Legacy is  a premier online wine retailer featuring a superb selection of quality, hand-picked fine wines and wine gifts from around the world, shipped right to your doorstep.

What impresses me is the large selection and the prices, many brands are cheaper than in the wine stores. Click here to check out Wine Legacy.

I am sure one or more of these Gizmos and Gadgets will make your travels more enjoyable.

For your convenience I have compiled a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV and camping travels, complete with product  links, click here to check out my list & links.


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