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When camping or RVing there is always some gizmo or gadget that makes things easier, faster or just more convenient. On my never ending search for these little gems I have discovered a few more. At the bottom of the page is links to several other Gizmos and Gadget pages.

Shower made Shower Tote

A mesh shower tote bag for taking all your shower stuff to the shower or just to hang in your shower,#1 best seller on Amazon

60 LED Portable Camping Tent Light

Great for hanging in your tent or wherever 24 hours on 3 AAA batteries.

Led Headlamp

I have one of these, bright LED light, great for whatever you are doing in the dark, nice fit for any size head, another Amazon #1 best seller.

LED Flashlight Rechargeable

Easily mounted on just about every thing, 3 brightness settings. Works like a light stick.

Camping Trash Can

Spring loaded this trash can will stand alone, put a large trash bag inside and it makes depositing trash or recyclables easy.

Camping Lantern & Flashlight

The lightest and easiest to stow away fits in your pocket.

Tent Kit

Tent pegs, mallet, peg puller in a mesh bag.

Coleman Coffee Maker

Works like a electric drip maker but sits on the propane stove.

Led String Lights

Set of 10 lights on the string, hang them anywhere. Great for camping or hang them from your awning.

Umbrella Hook

Attaches to your beach umbrella shaft or any pole for hanging anything.

Scissor Jack Socket

Use with a cordless drill, makes dropping and retracting leveling jacks easy.

I hope some of theses gadgets are useful to you on your Camping or RV trips. There are several other pages with gizmos and gadgets click here to check out Gizmos & Gadgets 2.

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