Full Time RV Retirement Lifestyle is it for You ?????


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Terrifying….Life Changing…..Interesting…..Exciting…..Alternative Life Style…….Food for thought?

When you think of………..” Full Time RV Retirement Lifestyle” …….. which word comes to your mind?…..probably most of them, at least they do for me.


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After you’re retired, traveling in an RV is a great way to see the world . You can spend as much time as you wish where ever you wish. You can spend your time enjoying an active retirement lifestyle or you can sit in the sunshine relaxing, camped by a lake, boon docking in the Arizona desert or socializing in a classy RV retirement park. There is so many different options and opportunities, you could spend the rest of your life enjoying it all.

You could be a snowbird, and spend the winter traveling the southern states or Mexico. Summers can be spent in the north, travelling to Alaska, touring Canada or the northern US. If your plan is to stay in campgrounds or RV parks the cost can mount up so if you would like to save on RV parks, check out this Happy Camper club for 50% discount on RV Parks, click here to check out my review.

But……full time RV retirement…….no home base, no permanent residence, no family and friends close???

It’s not for everyone but this alternative lifestyle seems to becoming more popular as the baby boomer generation starts to retire. I have talked to many full time RVers and they are just like you and I. They all love the freedom.

Family & friends??


If your family is like ours they are scattered all over the country, so some full timers spend time traveling around visiting family and friends, either parked in their driveway or somewhere close. Once finished visiting they hop in their rig and head off, to more family or friends, or……………………..


Cottonwood attractions 068


Some full time RVers travel around the country enjoying there hobbies & passions. Visiting shows, conventions, festivals or where ever their passion takes them. Some even make money selling their creations. The full time RV life is itself a passion and many spend time attending RV rallies all over the country, swapping stories, destination, and ideas. Golf is a great pass time for full timers, check out this link for no fee tee time bookings Click here.


Quarzsite AZ.



One destination for full timers and snowbirds is the small desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona. Situated about 80 miles north of Yuma, (the sunniest place on earth), at the junction of hwy I-10 and 95. Quartzsite swells from a couple of thousand people in the summer to possibly 10 times the population in the winter, especially the rock, gem and RV shows in late January. The shows attract hordes of hobbyists and RV travelers. This popular town is surrounded by BLM (Bureau of Land Management) public lands where dry camping in the desert for a minimal charge has become a great way to spend a few weeks or months in winter. Spending a day ATV riding through the local hills is great fun.

ATV tour


Desert camping







Or dry camping as it is also called, is a past time that many full time RVers enjoy. Dry camping is an economical way to camp in unorganized areas, especially if you are set up with solar and/or wind turbines to keep your batteries charged. Dry camping does not have to be a hardship, most people have satellite TV, generators, and ways to transport water and sewer, so breaking camp is not necessary to dump their sewer or replenish supplies. They also enjoy exploring the desert on various off road vehicles. As you travel through the southern deserts you will often see the peaceful gatherings of their RV’s in the distance. Check out this e-book on full time RV.

Los Cabos


Full timers and snowbirds alike will travel into Mexico during the winter months, mostly to camp near the ocean. They may travel a few hours or even several days south of the US border. Over the years there has been much bad publicity about traveling in Mexico. I believe these are isolated incidents that the media pushes, for what ever reason. Many travelers and RVers regularly venture to destinations along the Sea of Cortez and the Baja without incident. Exploring the Mexican coast is on our bucket list. It may take us a month or two or three………… that’s the way of the RV retirement lifestyle. If you are planning a trip to Mexico, check out this link about medical care.

Although the full time RV retirement lifestyle is not for everyone.

Its still fun to pretend for a few months.

socializing in the desert


I have created a comprehensive list of equipment and items you may need for your RV travels click here to check out my list.


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9 thoughts on “Full Time RV Retirement Lifestyle is it for You ?????”

  1. I had no idea what a full-time RV retirement lifestyle really means. My thought is that you get to spend a lot of time traveling in RV. Nice article explaining if this is lifestyle is for everyone or not.

  2. Hi Gord,
    Last time I went rv’ng it was with 5 other guys in a late 70’s model at the Daytona 500…then went on south to the Naples-Ft Myers area. That was in 2005…We had a Blast, thats for sure , but it was so crowded we had to sleep in shifts! I didn’t think my back would ever straigthen out. But I kinda wondered what it would be like as a lifestyle . You’ve done a great job of telling us how to prepare to RV. As a “newb” I would be curious to know more about what are the best places to visit in an RV!


  3. Oh, I would love to hit the road in an RV, what a great passtime to have in retirement. There are so many possibilities of places to go and things to see. Looking forward to hearing of your travels.

  4. I’m a long way off from retiring but this sounds like an awesome way to do it! This would be cool to do anyway even if not retired – maybe for a year or something.

    Thanks for posting!

    1. Hi Septiana thanks for visiting my site and for your comment. The Rv lifestyle is truly wonderful, I enjoy it very much especially in the winter when the weather in Canada isn’t great. talk soon
      Gord B.

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