Day 2 – Visiting Nashville, Tennessee – Our Great North American RV Tour

Our camping venue at Bob's Watertown, Tennessee
Our camping venue at Bob’s Watertown, Tennesse
Sunday, November 5 – Day 68
After the long drive, the previous day and a late night at the Grand Ole Opry a day of rest was in order. The cloudy morning sky soon passed allowing the sun to warm the cool morning air to a humid 80-degrees.
Bob, our ‘Boondocker Welcome’ host dropped by for a morning visit, we picked his brain about Watertown activities and restaurants. He recommended the Mexican restaurant for dinner mainly because they allow a brown bag of spirits.
He also mentioned a Sunday afternoon jam session at the pizza joint on the north end of the main street.
Watertown's downtown core.........almost exciting
Watertown’s downtown core………almost exciting.
While the ladies left for their routine daily walk Henry, Ralph and I rode our bicycles two blocks to the deserted main street checking out the two main attractions, antique shops, one for women the other for men………..strange.
Leftover Halloween decorations, Watertown, Tennessee
Leftover Halloween decorations, Watertown, Tennessee
We checked out the liquor outlets and the grocery store on the other side of the highway, this doesn’t seem important, but you never know when you may need groceries or wine.
Later that day Henry and I rode the couple blocks to the pizza joint to check out jam session. Eight to ten performers played and sang for their pizza eating audience.
The tunes were simple and slow with an old-time country beat.
The pizzeria Sunday afternoon jam session Watertown, Tennessee
The pizzeria Sunday afternoon jam session Watertown, Tennessee
While Henry and I stood listening I was shocked to see a pistol-toting beady-eyed grandma stroll in and sit at a table with other listeners. The steel black pistol hung on her hip, her waist-length jacket stuffed behind the pistol, easy reach and ready to draw.
A pistol-toting Tennessee Grandma
A pistol-toting Tennessee Grandma
Our group is from Canada where most firearms must be kept locked in a cabinet unless heading to a shooting range or hunting, especially pistols. The sight of this pistol toting grandma was all I needed to send me back to camp, but not before I snuck a picture.
We were surprised to find out from Bob, that Watertown is the famous home to a twice a year Mile-Long Garage Sale,………… wo wo, …………sorry Bob. We forgot to find out the date this national wonder takes place.
The group decided to head for the local Mexican Cantina and splurge, another dinner out. After a glass of wine during happy hour, we filled our sippy cups for the long three block walk to the Cantina.
The meal was fast and hot, not the worst or best, but it filled the void and inexpensive at around $20 per couple.
Monday, November 6 – Day 69
The warm humid morning brought clouds and showers, but compared to the freezing temperatures back home this is paradise.
Allyson researched the options for our second day in Nashville. The first choice was 3rd and Lindley, the name and the address of a dinner club where Vince Gill and other country stars may show up and perform.
Allyson booked the tickets online $24. each including booking fee, dinner was extra.
The plan,……… head to Nashville in the afternoon and visit the Country Music Hall of Fame and then to 3rd and Lindley for dinner and the show. Unfortunately, the GPS took us to the wrong venue, there is the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Country Music Museum, we ended up at the later.
One of the exhibits, The Country Music Hall of Fame
One of the exhibits, The Country Music Hall of Fame
No issue, the couple mile walk through Nashville was good exercise. The Country Music Hall of Fame closes at 5:30 allowing just enough time for a quick tour.
Country music couples, The Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville
Country music couples, The Country Music Hall of Fame Nashville
There were many interesting exhibits including early recordings of famous country singers. Of course, most of the singers were Americans only a couple of Canadians.
We arrived at 3rd and Lindley early, the place was already half full. There was no reserved seating, so we were lucky to find a decent spot to see the show.
The venue is not huge and probably has twice as many tables as it should have. Once we found our spot we proceeded to move two tables together.
By the reaction of the waiter, you would think we committed a felony, “you are not allowed to move the tables, tables must remain where they are!!!” Lynda and I were banished from the group to our own table. Although our table was slightly closer to the stage.
The waiter calmed down and took our drink and food order. While waiting for our drinks Lynda and I were joined by an older inebriated couple. They’d been on the downtown strip since noon, and no doubt enjoying several beverages.
Once the show began the old couple became part of the evening’s entertainment. The man frequently rose to his feet, blocking the view of people behind, vigorously pointing to a performer indicating his favor with the performance.
The wife, on the other hand, nodded off often and snored loudly catching his attention to which he prodded her back to life.
The stage show was also entertaining, Vince Gill and the equally talented Time Jumpers treated the audience to a collage of great country hits. The two-hour long performance passed quickly leaving the audience with hungry ears.
Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers, 3rd & Lindley, Nashville
Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers, 3rd & Lindley, Nashville
Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers, 3rd & Lindley, Nashville
Vince Gill and the Time Jumpers, 3rd & Lindley, Nashville
After the show outside 3rd and Lindley darkness arrived and with-it rain, we dashed between the drops to Ralph’s truck.
By the time we turned onto I-40 east, the skies opened hurling torrents of rain, so bad Ralph’s wipers could barely keep up. Lightning frequently sent blinding flashes across the sky.
Thunder, lightning and heavy rain lasted through the night filling the roadside ditches and creating small lakes throughout Watertown, seemed fitting considering the town’s name.
Tuesday, Nov. 7 – Day 70
By morning the rain had stopped leaving behind a small lake in front of our trailer as well and Ralph and Lois’s door.
By noon the lakes and ditches had receded substantially.
The morning also brought an unwelcome problem. Ralph’s truck computer sounded an alarm his diesel exhaust fluid level was almost empty. He added more fluid which didn’t change the warning. If he runs out of DEF his truck will slow to a crawl.
Ralph called the local GM dealer in the adjacent town of Lebanon, they had time to look at it today although today was to be our departure day and our next destination Memphis.
Lucky for us Bob, our Boondocker Welcome host left the day before on a two-week RV trip and was not expecting another group of boondockers while he was absent.
After a couple of hours Ralph called, the repair shop found the problem and was in the process of replacing the diesel fluid tank. The repair would be completed today.
Our next stop is Memphis and Elvis’s Graceland. Reservations had been booked at T.O. Fuller State Park, Memphis, six miles from Graceland. Allyson contacted the park, explained our problem and was able to change our reservations one day later.

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Clouds and showers continued through the day keeping us inside our rigs. I don’t think anyone cared………. it was nice to kick back and enjoy indoor activities.
Ralph arrived back at camp just in time to drown his sorrows, it was happy hour. The repair costs $1000. which amounts to about $1400. Canadian pesos. Fortunately, he has an extended warranty, however, he needs to pay up front and submit the bill for reimbursement.
Everyone was relieved Ralph’s repair was completed, we can now continue our journey. Our next stop on this magical RV tour is Memphis and Elvis’s Graceland.

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  1. Why are so many people hoplophobic? This ‘pistol-toting beady-eyed grandma’ should not be vilified for exercising her rights. Heaven forbid, If the need arises I would rather have her around than someone who can’t or isn’t willing to fight back. Go get some firearms instruction, learn to shoot. This ‘ steel black pistol ‘ is only a tool. It is the person who uses it that is evil.

    1. Hi
      Thanks for your comments, my intention was not to criticise but an observation. As I mentioned in my article our group is from Canada where gun restrictions prohibit carrying any weapon unless heading to a range or hunting area and specifically a pistol must be transported in the trunk or a locked case. So seeing a person with a pistol is a little unnerving for us.
      No offense was intended.

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