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Stories of our RV trips, some funny, some scary, all interesting.

Our Spring Snowbird RV Trip – Hitting The Road

I must apologize to my readers, internet access problems have delayed my postings since the beginning of our trip. Day 1 Traveling during winter months can be challenging, special attention to the weather along the route is vital if you don't want to encounter snow and ice covered roads. This kind of weather at the very least could delay your trip or worse, cause and accident. I learned the hard way to keep a close eye on route weather. One trip south we had to park on the side of the road for Read more [...]

Our Snowbird RV Tour- Snowbird Destinations

If you are a regular reader of my web page you know I just finished writing our Alaska RV tour conclusion. I am happy to say we're starting another RV tour,...... you gotta love retirement. It's time for our annual spring snowbird trip to the southwest. The gang is anxious to hit the road and enjoy some warmer weather. In the northwest, most of December and January were colder with more snow than anyone can remember. The temperatures seemed like 100 degrees colder, too cold to do much outside. Read more [...]

A Special Gift for RVers

Hi, welcome to my RV Travel website. Lynda and I are avid RV travelers. Since retiring, more than 10 years ago we've enjoyed many tours throughout North America. Our RV travels have taken us from our home in southern British Columbia, Canada north to Alaska, south to Mexico and east to Texas and Florida enjoying many sights and experiences along the way.  In recent years Lynda and I took up traveling with close friends, we continue to travel as a group. Traveling with others adds another Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Return to Whitehorse

Day 18 - Return to Whitehorse Traveling in a camper compels one to feel closer to nature and the elements, maybe too close. A grunt in the night, the howls of a distant coyote pack or the screech of a mountain lion can bolt a person out of a peaceful slumber.  Even the sound of rain falling on the roof can disrupt a peaceful sleep like my night at Snag Junction. Rain pounding on the camper roof woke me often. During my semi-conscious state in my cozy bed I dreamed of the Klondike gold rush Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – The Top of the World Highway

Day 17  - Top of the World Highway This morning marks the halfway point of our trip and today we could reach the most northerly point of our travels. After the midnight northern lights show and the clear night I was not surprised to see a blanket of frost on our vehicles. Minus 2 C (28 f) with low cloud/fog. We prepared to depart Gold Rush RV park for The Top of the World Highway and  Alaska. This day’s destination is Chicken, Alaska, for a two-night stay. As we prepared our rigs for the Read more [...]

Dawson City- Center of the Klondike Gold Rush

Day 15 - Dawson City Showers on the camper roof woke me several times through the night I was hoping our run of nice weather had not ended. We woke to grey skies and occasional filtered. Plus 9 C  (50ish F) a cool start to the day. The night before during happy hour  a group decision was made,  the men would cook breakfast before hitting the road for Dawson. This time there was no disagreement about who was cooking what. I did potatoes, Henry bacon and Ralph eggs, this time a surprise Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Off to Dawson City

Day 14 -  Whitehorse to Moose Creek   We left Whitehorse Monday morning under clear skies and bright sunshine, hopefully, we're in for a stretch of good weather. The last couple of days have been great, sunshine and pleasant temperatures, but fall is approaching the north, the seasons seem to be a month ahead of southern BC. The plan was to drop Henry's boat at Allyson's relatives just north of Whitehorse rather than drag it to Alaska and back. We weren't planning on fishing until our Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – The Yukon

My continuing accounting of our groups RV tour to Alaska. If you would like to read about our trip rom the beginning please click this link. Day 11 - Drive to Whitehorse The last  morning  at Boya Lake brought rain showers, again, as we prepared for another driving day. The rain is becoming a drag, we did expect some poor weather, but it has been 5 days since we’ve seen the sun. The drive north from Boya Lake to the Yukon border and the intersection of highway 37 and the Alaska highway Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Kinaskan Lake – Day 6

To read our Alaska RV Tour from the beginning click here. Day 6 - The Drive to Kinaskan When I woke the next morning at Rainey Creek Campground it seemed dark in the camper, as though the sky was socked in. Before we left home I cut cardboard covers for the camper windows to keep out the morning light. I can't sleep once daybreak comes. I pulled the curtain back and realized it was the dense foliage of the old growth forest canopy keeping the sunshine out. The campground is picturesque Read more [...]

Our RV Alaska Trip – Destination Hyder, Alaska

Day 5 - Sunset Lake, BC to Hyder, Alaska  Before I continue I must apologize to my readers for the delay of this article, I did not anticipate the lack of available internet on our journey.  Sometimes staying at free BC rec site, such as Sunset Lake, with no host or management and close to a town the locals use it as a party place. This Friday night was one of those occasions of loud music and boisterous voices. The noise woke me several times through the night, at one point one of Read more [...]