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Our Southwest Snowbird Tour – The Last Week

Our escape through the mud from the BLM boondocking area near Cottonwood, Arizona was timely, another couple of hours and we may have been stuck for days. Our overnight stop at Cliff Castle Casino was quiet except for occasional rain, no semis traveling in and out through the night as can be the case at some casinos. We woke to low clouds, fog and 40F temperatures, brrrrrrrrrr. Not accustomed to the cold after many weeks of warmth. That's the desert during winter and spring, one day you're baking Read more [...]

Our Snowbird RV Tour – Day 25 – Imperial Dam

Day 24 After Mike and I attempted an unsuccessful fishing excursion to Squaw Lake, rain began to fall. We not only did not catch any fish we had to row the entire time because my small motor would not start. Once back at camp I checked out the motor, the trouble appeared to be a clogged fuel filter. With rain falling it was a good opportunity for a trip to town to pick up parts for the outboard, refuel the trucks and refill propane tanks. Yuma propane ranges from $2.20 to $2.70 per gal. Because Read more [...]

Our Snowbird RV Tour – The Colorado River Valley

Day 22 Another sunny day in the desert although cooler in the morning. Senators wash reservoir has been our home for a week, it was time to dump some black water. Mike and Ralph already dumped their tanks, they hitched up their trailers the night before to escape the rising water, they may as well dump. The group's plan was to stay at Senators Wash for 2 weeks, too long for the gray and black water tanks. I know from experience our black water tank is good for about 12 days if we conserve, Read more [...]

Our Snowbird RV Tour- Snowbird Destinations

If you are a regular reader of my web page you know I just finished writing our Alaska RV tour conclusion. I am happy to say we're starting another RV tour,...... you gotta love retirement. It's time for our annual spring snowbird trip to the southwest. The gang is anxious to hit the road and enjoy some warmer weather. In the northwest, most of December and January were colder with more snow than anyone can remember. The temperatures seemed like 100 degrees colder, too cold to do much outside. Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Alamo Lake, Arizona

I have posted several other articles about our fall trip, click here to go to the first article. We left Senators Reservoir Nov. 19, we've been on the road for four weeks since. It has been quite the trip so far, lots of fun and enjoyable experiences, but some of the experiences have not been so good. Losing a wheel on the freeway was the worst, followed by 'H's  new set of tires for his truck after he drove over the one way hooks on a RV park entrance. Click here to check out -Disaster Read more [...]

Squaw Lake, SoCal – The Search

This is my second post on the problem with our missing neighbors if you have not read the previous article click here. The couple from the older motor home in the spot next to us had not returned, it was getting late. The night air was cooling quickly, the river water was already cold. What had become of our neighbors? Even though we had not met them, our concern for the couple was growing by the minute, the thought of any person, friend or not, floating helpless in the cold river was alarming. The Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Squaw Lake, S. Colorado River

Squaw Lake is located about 15 miles north of Yuma, Arizona on the California side of the Colorado River. It is part of an irrigation reservoir system for the Yuma valley. Yuma grows over 90% of lettuce consumed by the US. We arrived late afternoon, the sun was warm pushing the temperature to the upper 70’s. The area around Squaw lake allowed for nice views, although the dry camping spots were positioned side by side on pavement bordered by a concrete curb , if not for the lake it would Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Cahuilla Lake to Senator’s Wash

Day 19  We had been at Cahuilla Lake for a week exactly, which was the plan and it just so happens our paid up week was over. As usual we try to depart by about 9 am on a travel day so everyone begins the packing up ritual the day prior. It is not usually a hurried event, and because we are continuing our adventure it is by no means a dreaded task. The anticipation and a little excitement of our next destination I am sure is in the back of everyone’s mind. The following morning has little Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Cahiulla Lake, S. California

Our first full day seemed slow for everyone, I guess after the previous days events (the accident) and 10 days of frequent traveling it was nice to kick back. The only pressing matter was to replenish our fresh water tanks. I guess during the previous days craziness ‘H’ and ‘R’ had missed replenishing their tanks upon arriving at the campsite before dropping their 5th wheels at our random dry camping sites. This presented a interesting opportunity to try out my new fresh water bladder Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Day 11-18 The Day After

The morning after ‘the problem’ was quiet with some discussion of the events of the previous day on highway I-10. Lynda and I and maybe even Buddy were still experiencing some after shock. Neither of us had slept much, for myself, after replaying the previous day many times in my mind while trying to sleep I got out of bed to clear my mind. In the wee hours, after replaying the events I realized I had forgotten the kindnesses shown by various people. The highway worker who picked up my Read more [...]