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Touring Canada & United States a 7 month continuous tour

Day 2 – Visiting Nashville, Tennessee – Our Great North American RV Tour

Sunday, November 5 – Day 68 After the long drive, the previous day and a late night at the Grand Ole Opry a day of rest was in order. The cloudy morning sky soon passed allowing the sun to warm the cool morning air to a humid 80-degrees. Bob, our 'Boondocker Welcome' host dropped by for a morning visit, we picked his brain about Watertown activities and restaurants. He recommended the Mexican restaurant for dinner mainly because they allow a brown bag of spirits. He also mentioned a Sunday Read more [...]

Nashville, Tennessee – Our North American RV Tour

Saturday, November 4 – Day 67 The morning brought cool temperatures and the sun trying to burn through the heavy mist. Our destination today is another 'Boondockers Welcome' host in Watertown Tennesse, about an hour drive west of Nashville. We delayed our departure an hour from FireFox Campground in the Smokey Mountains, according to the news dense fog and zero visibility was waiting for us in the valleys of Tennessee. Time for another cup of coffee and a photo op before the day’s drive. An Read more [...]

The Atlantic Ocean to Nashville – Our North American RV Tour

Thursday, November 2 – Day 65 After a week of R&R, the group was itching to continue our fantastic journey of North America. Our next destination is the center of the country music world, Nashville, Tennessee. Avoid restricted and unpassable roads in your RV. Check out this Amazon bestseller. From our campground on the shores of Neuse River and the Atlantic Ocean, our route takes us across the entire state of North Carolina and halfway through Tennessee to Watertown an hour east Read more [...]

Croatan National Forest – Our North American RV Tour

Thursday, October 26 - Day 58 We woke to a cool cloudy morning; the guys were out early readying the rigs for another travel day. Our departure time from Mary Hill RV Park, Maryland, is 9 am. Our time in Washington DC was great, an amazing place with so much history. Our destination today is Neuse River Campground in the Croatan National Forest.   Avoid restricted and unpassable roads in your RV. Check out this Amazon bestseller. The group is excited about our next stop and Read more [...]

Day 2 – Visiting Washington DC & Virgina

Tuesday, October 24 – Day 56 It rained overnight but cleared as we made our way to the train and our second day in Washington, DC. Riding the subway is becoming old hat for our group, we can even switch trains without getting lost……so far. We began our day with a free tour of the Department of Printing and Engraving....... the government building where US greenbacks are printed. We arrived early to a short tour line up. Once inside the huge building we were escorted down a long Read more [...]

Washington DC – Our North American RV Tour

Monday, October 23 – Day 55 Occasional showers sprinkled on our trailer roof during the night. The morning brought sun and clouds and a pleasant 77F degrees. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but we have been blessed with great weather on this marathon trip of a lifetime with mostly t-shirt temperatures and very little rain. Hop on hop off bus was again our choice for touring Washington DC, but this time we opted for a two-day package which included a 2-hour night tour. The Read more [...]

Visiting Philadelphia – Our North American RV Tour

Friday, October 20 – Day 52 We woke to a warm and humid sunny morning with heavy dew, like a rainstorm had passed overnight. The east coast is much more humid than the west coast, high humidity sucks. Lois isn’t much better still a pain in her side, Henry is feeling slightly better, so the group decided we could afford to take a day off and rest. Ralph, Henry and I have some RV maintenance to take care of on the rigs and the ladies are always good with a day to read, craft or quilt and I Read more [...]

Atlantic City, New Jersey – Our North American RV Tour

Tuesday, October 17 – Day 50 Sunny and cooler this morning.  Falling autumn leaves covered our rigs we needed to climb onto the trailer slides to clean them off before departure. Closing a dirty slide pushes debris under the rubber flaps. Traveling through bright morning sunshine makes any trip more enjoyable. Especially this morning with the east coast autumn leaves in the middle of their vivid color show. Our plan for the day’s drive was a success, our route took us through relatively Read more [...]

Our Last Day in New York City – Our North American RV Tour

Saturday, October 14 – Day 47 Rain overnight, a cozy feeling in a warm bed with the rain hitting the trailer roof. We woke to a warm morning and clearing skies. After two days of sightseeing in New York City, the group needed a rest. We decided to spend the day exploring Croton on the Hudson on our bikes. I did my usual rig check to make sure all systems are normal the RV batteries voltage was low. Strange because we were plugged into power which automatically charges the batteries. A check Read more [...]

New York City – Our North American RV Tour

Thursday, October 12 – Day 45 Everyone was up early anticipating spending the day in one of the most famous cities in the world. Cool temperatures, clouds, and sun greeted us as we hopped into Ralph’s truck for the 2-mile drive to the Croton-Harmon commuter train station. Allyson discovered the commuter train system had an express train which we were lucky enough to catch. The cost for seniors was $14 return, the regular fare which Allyson and Lois, the young stuff, had to pay was double. After Read more [...]