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RV & Camp Cooking – A Great New Time Saving Product

Lynda and I and our friends have been touring North America for the past 6 months during that time Lynda discovered a fantastic new way to cook using fewer dishes and only one pot. I thought I should share it with you. An old concept reinvented. Cooking while camping or RVing is often a challenge, several dishes and pots are needed to prepare a meal leading to many dirty pots and dishes. A new product on the market can make cooking faster, easier and better flavor. A pressure cooker, saute, Read more [...]

A Special Gift for RVers

Hi, welcome to my RV Travel website. Lynda and I are avid RV travelers. Since retiring, more than 10 years ago we've enjoyed many tours throughout North America. Our RV travels have taken us from our home in southern British Columbia, Canada north to Alaska, south to Mexico and east to Texas and Florida enjoying many sights and experiences along the way.  In recent years Lynda and I took up traveling with close friends, we continue to travel as a group. Traveling with others adds another Read more [...]

Free RV Camping/Parking – Free Overnight Stops

Click the logo above to check out the site. Camping fees can mount up whether you're on the road or camping for a weekend or a week at your favorite resort. You can spend $30 and up per night depending on the location and amenities of the RV park or resort. If you are on an extended tour or vacation the cost of camping can easily climb into the thousands of dollars. No need to fret help is a click away. Recently an interesting concept has come out Read more [...]

RV Special Products & Accessories

During our RV travels Lynda and I come across various RV products and accessories we find interesting and useful. Most times we purchase these products to see if they are as good as advertised. Each week I'm focusing on a couple of these products.   Navigation A good map is essential when traveling and is especially important when driving or hauling a large rig. It is absolutely no fun finding yourself on the wrong street or freeway Read more [...]

Buying an RV – Which Model is Right for You? Part 2.

Toy Haulers Toy haulers are simply an RV with accommodations and a garage at the rear with some type of ramp for loading and unloading toys. Toys may consist of ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and many other types of off or on road vehicles, (OHVs). Toy haulers are available in several different configurations, a travel trailer design, a 5th wheel design and a motor home design. The travel trailer is designed for weekend getaways. The furniture in the rear half of the trailer folds up against the Read more [...]

Buying an RV – Which Model is Right for You? Part 1.

  Okay so you're considering the RV lifestyle, buying an RV for vacations or weekends. Maybe becoming a Snowbird is your plan or just maybe you're considering becoming a full time RVer. What a way to live, I am jealous. My wife and I enjoy RVing even after more than 40 years of RV travel, we camp at our local lakes and travel to the other side of the continent in our RV. After owning every kind of RV from the smallest to the largest, we have discovered the advantages and disadvantages Read more [...]

MY New RV Kindle Books – from $4.99

OUR RV TRAVEL TALES The Best RV Book of the Year     " Suspense"  "Thrilling"  "Hilarious" "This book will keep you glued to your chair" "I was riveted,  I missed my bus stop," writes Laurie from Princeton. "Amazing stories,"  writes Marcia from RV Magazine. "Wow what a writer," says Lynda from Missezula Lake .                 A Book of this quality normally sells for 5 Times this price, Get Your Copy Today on Sale the post publishing price of Just $4.99.      Read more [...]

Week #4 Best Selling RV Products – Outside Kitchen

This Week's Best Outside Kitchen Products. Each week I focus on a few of RV products or accessories  my wife and I use Camping and RVing. Camping in the north or Rving in the south west during the winter months we love to cook outside. Here are some products for your outside Kitchen.    Products for your outside kitchen.                   Portable Grills & Stove           Camping Chairs, Mats, Shelters Click Read more [...]

Week # 3 – Top Selling RV Products

This Week's Top Selling RV Products. Each week I focus on a couple of RV products or accessories  my wife and I use Camping and RVing.   Heaters for those cool mornings electric or propane. With hook ups or not     Dehumidifier for your RV in Storage. Keeps your RV dry to prevent mildew and rot. Electric or chemical. Click here to check out last weeks RV products  Check out these other Best Selling RV Accessories I am sure Read more [...]

Week 2 – Top RV Products

This Week's Top Selling RV Products. Each week I focus on a couple of RV products or accessories  my wife and I use Camping and RVing.  Portable Chargers for your Phone etc. NO MORE DEAD PHONES OR TABLETS             #1                                #2                             #3 3 charges to choose from all #1 best sellers, all will charge your phone or other devices several times.  #1- Portable Charger Backup Pack with Read more [...]