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Alaskan RV Tour – Conclusion

Our Alaska RV Tour - Conclusion Our Alaska RV Tour was a great trip, of the bucket list variety. We traveled over 7000 kilometers in 36 days, Driving time of about 90 hours, an average of 2.5 hours per day. A circle route starting in southern BC heading north on highway 97. Then west on highway 16, north along the Cassiar highway to the Yukon Border, from here we drove the Alaska Hwy. to Whitehorse and then the Klondike Hwy. to Dawson City. From Dawson City, we climbed to the Top of the World Read more [...]

Our Alaskan RV Tour – Day 32 – Raven Lake to Watch Lake

Day 32 - The last day at Raven Lake Cloud cover and showers overnight, a warmer night than the previous two. By morning the shower subsided. We decided on rain gear for this morning's venture onto the lake. I was the hero this AM landing three beauties before the winds pick up and the skies opened hurling torrents of rain, lucky for the rain gear. Time to call it a day, it seemed even the fish didn't care for the weather. We motored to the boat dock dropping Ralph and me to fetch the truck and Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Day 29 – Raven Lake

The RV dump at William's Lake Stampede grounds was convenient and free, perfect. When we arrived Henry and Allison had an announcement, they needed to return home soon as a family issue had developed. They still had a week. Davie lake had no cel service, once we entered Williams Lake Henry and Allyson's phones went crazy with an overload of emails and texts from their family. The rest of the group were not disappointed, everyone was ready to return home. We'd been on the road for more than Read more [...]

Our Alaskan RV Tour – Day 27 – Chetwynd to Davie lake BC

Day 27 Chetwynd to Davie Lake The group rose early to clouds, sun and 10 C. We emptied our holding tanks and refilled our fresh water tanks ready for another couple of dry camping days at Davie Lake, 70 kilometers north of Prince George. My truck dash clock read 8:30 am as we pulled onto highway 97, earlier departure than usual. With any luck, we should arrive at Davie Lake by noon, we are planning to stay for a couple of days weather permitting and try our luck fishing. The sky darkened and Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Day 26 – Bucking Horse to Chetwynd

Day 26 – Bucking Horse River to Chetwynd BC. Partly cloudy and 8 degrees C. as we left Bucking Horse River Provincial Park. We continued due south on the Alaska Hwy parallel to the Northern Rockies visible in the distant to the west. The scenery on the way to Fort St. John was similar to the previous drive from Fort Nelson, rolling hills of dark green and fall colors. We stopped at a rest area an hour north Fort St. John. Ralph pointed out one side of my trailer was sagging. I climbed under Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Day 24 – Muncho Lake to Bucking Horse River

 Day 24 – Muncho Lake to Fort Nelson BC Another traveling day after a great couple of days fishing, exploring and relaxing at Muncho Lake. Not much to pack up this morning, the evening before happy hour we packed and stowed most our gear to facilitate an easy departure. All that remained was a few items, camping chairs, left over wood, ax, etc. Morning showers fell as we prepared to leave. The weather is deteriorating, a good time to leave Muncho Lake. No regrets, the weather cooperated during Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Muncho Lake

Day 21 – Liard Hot Springs to Muncho Lake We are a day or two ahead of schedule, allowing for more time at a destination if we choose. There was some discussion Liard hot springs may have the benefit of our presents for an extra day. However, after our initial dip in the hot springs, another day wasn't necessary. The hot springs were great, but the smell was hard to take. The next morning greeted us with clear skies the sun peaking over the distant mountains, the temperature a bit nippy at Read more [...]

Alaska RV Tour – Liard Hot Springs

  Day 20 – Liard Hot Springs - Alaska Hwy. Brilliant blue skies and a bright sunrise greeted Lynda and I as we emerged from our camper at Big Creek Yukon government campground. Minus 2 with frost on the windshields was totally bearable in the sunshine. The other couples were already up and enjoying cinnamon buns by the time Lynda and I wandered over to the campfire with our morning coffee. The cinnamon buns were not the style gramma would make but the sticky flavor was still there, Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Return to Whitehorse

Day 18 - Return to Whitehorse Traveling in a camper compels one to feel closer to nature and the elements, maybe too close. A grunt in the night, the howls of a distant coyote pack or the screech of a mountain lion can bolt a person out of a peaceful slumber.  Even the sound of rain falling on the roof can disrupt a peaceful sleep like my night at Snag Junction. Rain pounding on the camper roof woke me often. During my semi-conscious state in my cozy bed I dreamed of the Klondike gold rush Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – The Top of the World Highway

Day 17  - Top of the World Highway This morning marks the halfway point of our trip and today we could reach the most northerly point of our travels. After the midnight northern lights show and the clear night I was not surprised to see a blanket of frost on our vehicles. Minus 2 C (28 f) with low cloud/fog. We prepared to depart Gold Rush RV park for The Top of the World Highway and  Alaska. This day’s destination is Chicken, Alaska, for a two-night stay. As we prepared our rigs for the Read more [...]