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Our Southwest Snowbird Tour – The Last Week

Our escape through the mud from the BLM boondocking area near Cottonwood, Arizona was timely, another couple of hours and we may have been stuck for days. Our overnight stop at Cliff Castle Casino was quiet except for occasional rain, no semis traveling in and out through the night as can be the case at some casinos. We woke to low clouds, fog and 40F temperatures, brrrrrrrrrr. Not accustomed to the cold after many weeks of warmth. That's the desert during winter and spring, one day you're baking Read more [...]

Our Snowbird RV Tour – Senators Wash, California

 Day 14 We awoke to clear skies and beautiful sunshine again. Our week at Cahuilla lake had been great, we've enjoyed our time here with a round of golf, the Palm Desert street fair,  maintaining our rigs and of course relaxing. Our week disappeared quickly but it's time to continue our journey. Our next destination is the Imperial Dunes, twenty miles west of Yuma. The plan is to ride the dunes for a couple of days before continuing on to the Colorado River Valley, one of Lynda and my favorite Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Return to Whitehorse

Day 18 - Return to Whitehorse Traveling in a camper compels one to feel closer to nature and the elements, maybe too close. A grunt in the night, the howls of a distant coyote pack or the screech of a mountain lion can bolt a person out of a peaceful slumber.  Even the sound of rain falling on the roof can disrupt a peaceful sleep like my night at Snag Junction. Rain pounding on the camper roof woke me often. During my semi-conscious state in my cozy bed I dreamed of the Klondike gold rush Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – The Top of the World Highway

Day 17  - Top of the World Highway This morning marks the halfway point of our trip and today we could reach the most northerly point of our travels. After the midnight northern lights show and the clear night I was not surprised to see a blanket of frost on our vehicles. Minus 2 C (28 f) with low cloud/fog. We prepared to depart Gold Rush RV park for The Top of the World Highway and  Alaska. This day’s destination is Chicken, Alaska, for a two-night stay. As we prepared our rigs for the Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – Off to Dawson City

Day 14 -  Whitehorse to Moose Creek   We left Whitehorse Monday morning under clear skies and bright sunshine, hopefully, we're in for a stretch of good weather. The last couple of days have been great, sunshine and pleasant temperatures, but fall is approaching the north, the seasons seem to be a month ahead of southern BC. The plan was to drop Henry's boat at Allyson's relatives just north of Whitehorse rather than drag it to Alaska and back. We weren't planning on fishing until our Read more [...]

Our Alaska RV Tour – The Yukon

My continuing accounting of our groups RV tour to Alaska. If you would like to read about our trip rom the beginning please click this link. Day 11 - Drive to Whitehorse The last  morning  at Boya Lake brought rain showers, again, as we prepared for another driving day. The rain is becoming a drag, we did expect some poor weather, but it has been 5 days since we’ve seen the sun. The drive north from Boya Lake to the Yukon border and the intersection of highway 37 and the Alaska highway Read more [...]

Alaska RV Tour – Kinaskan Lake to Boya Lake

Kinaskan lake, BC. Note to my readers my comment section has been repaired, feel free to leave comments at the bottom of the articles. If you would like to read about our Alaska RV tour from the beginning please click here. Day 8 – Kinaskan lake The day began with heavy rain. Peeking out the camper door I could see conditions would not improve in the next few hours so I decided to stay indoors and catch up on these articles. Everyone else was also slow to appear. So far our tour has Read more [...]

Our Fall RV Trip – Squaw Lake, S. Colorado River

Squaw Lake is located about 15 miles north of Yuma, Arizona on the California side of the Colorado River. It is part of an irrigation reservoir system for the Yuma valley. Yuma grows over 90% of lettuce consumed by the US. We arrived late afternoon, the sun was warm pushing the temperature to the upper 70’s. The area around Squaw lake allowed for nice views, although the dry camping spots were positioned side by side on pavement bordered by a concrete curb , if not for the lake it would Read more [...]

RV Full Timers – Working & Traveling

All of us have worked hard our entire lives, given our all, toiled tirelessly for a tyrant, sweat pouring from our brow pooling beneath us as we produce that perfect product faster than anyone ever has without so much as a thanks........well maybe a little over the top, but sometimes that's how we all have felt. All of us at one time or other in our lives have thought about throwing in the towel, getting off the merry-go-round, quitting our jobs, getting out of jail........... escaping. Freedom Read more [...]