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It seems every time I go into a camping or RV store there is something new to add to my camping gear repertoire. Many are useful and many are a waste of money.
There are obviously too many to list all but I thought I would check out a few of the more useful and interesting items.
I usually use Amazon or Camping World as a recommended place to purchase these items whichever has the best price. I check the product reviews to make sure they are good quality.
Cooler light
It mounts inside your cooler, when you open the lid it comes on, lighting up the inside of your cooler a great idea after dark.


Solar Light & Flashlight – great for camping fishing hiking tenting
Water Bucket (collapsible for storage) Water containers always take up too much room this one folds down for easy storage.

Solar Powered Charger Power Bank
Charge your phones & LED flashlight. this power bank recharges with solar power.

Folding Camping Table

Lantern Hanger
Great idea, works great for hanging on a tree or post.
Lantern hanger
Two Way Radios
A great idea to have while camping, great for communicating when backing up, keeps track of everyone.
Portable Shower (4 D-cell batteries or 12 volt cig lighter) Sucks warm water from a container to the shower head.

Portable Privacy or Shower or Toilet enclosure

These are a few useful camping and RV gadgets we use. I’m sure you will love them.
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