Buying an RV – Which Model is Right for You? Part 2.

The ultimate toy hauler complete with ramps that convert to elevated decks.

Toy Haulers

Toy haulers are simply an RV with accommodations and a garage at the rear with some type of ramp for loading and unloading toys. Toys may consist of ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, and many other types of off or on road vehicles, (OHVs).

Toy haulers are available in several different configurations, a travel trailer design, a 5th wheel design and a motor home design.

The travel trailer is designed for weekend getaways. The furniture in the rear half of the trailer folds up against the walls or ceiling to accommodate the toys.

The 5th wheel design us usually larger than the travel trailer, the garage is separate from the living area. This makes for a more convenient set up for traveling, it’s not necessary to unload the toys to use the living area.

5th wheel toy haulers can be huge with sleeping areas for a couple of families and a garage large enough for many ATVs including an outside refueling station.

The main disadvantage of toy haulers besides the length of the large models is the weight. The extra heavy suspension and reinforced frame increases the weight substantially.

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The motor home toy hauler has similar characteristics of the travel trailer toy hauler and the 5th wheel. The motor home toy hauler, of course, eliminates the tow vehicle and also decreases the overall length.

A retro design Winnebago

Motor Homes

Generally the most expensive of RVs and maybe the least practical, unless your plan is to travel extensively. An expensive vehicle parked for most of the year depreciating, is not the wisest use of your hard earned money.

Motor homes are the best way to tour the country. All the features and amenities of a home on wheels, available in all configurations to satisfy the needs of just about everyone. Compact models for a couple touring the country or larger models with sleeping accommodations for the whole family.

The largest of motor homes are luxury coaches for the well to do with the deepest of pockets or the full time RVers, who have sold their homes to enjoy a nomad carefree lifestyle.

These are huge diesel pushers with everything you can imagine and probably many amenities and features you cannot imagine,  a palace on wheels. If you need to ask how much you probably cannot afford it.

Motor homes have many advantages over towables, shorter overall length with the same floor area, (no tow vehicle).

Motor homes offer more convenience than a trailer, easy access to facilities while traveling. When stopping for the night it’s not necessary to go outside and enter a cold or hot trailer or 5th wheel.

Rv rental

The Class ‘C’

The class ‘C’ has the distinctive design of a sleeping area over a van front. Probably the most versatile motor home for families with more sleeping possibilities depending on the size. Other than the over the cab sleeping and van front the rest is similar to most other motor homes.

nice RV

The Class ‘A’

The Class ‘A’  model or bus style is especially well suited for  traveling. The elevated forward driving area is higher compared to the class ‘C’ model which gives the driver and passengers a greater field of vision while traveling.
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Our first trip in a Class ‘A’ motor home we were astonished by how much more countryside we could see.  In particular the mountainous areas where valleys, rivers and many other features that were not apparent before jump to life.

Motor homes also may included multiple slides to increase your living areas. Motor homes, although being the best way to tour, have their disadvantages as well.

Bigger is Better??
car in Motor home
Not your typical motor home but a great idea.

Besides the obvious cost issues relating to the the purchase price and maintenance of these large palaces, there are the systems to manage and maintain. Several electrical systems and motors, hydro-lick systems, waste management systems, and a couple of water systems.

All of which are much more expensive to maintain than you would guess. For example to change the spark plugs in our 36′ class ‘A’ 1999 Southwind gas V10 engine  $300.00….. An in-law of ours was shocked at paying $1000.00 for an oil change on his diesel pusher.

Not to be a downer but the more systems and features the more challenges and chances of issues.

That reminds me of a time we were camped in Yuma Az. at an RV resort and my neighbor was having trouble with the hydro-lick door and tray at the front of his diesel pusher that housed his generator.

The door and the tray would gradually slide open when parked. A mobile RV repair truck attended several times before  repairing the problem.

More Concerns

A large motor home may not fit in many parking lots, highway stops of interest, and some camping spots. They are difficult to maneuver in cities, similar to a travel trailer you may need to use more than one lane to make a corner.

This is where trip planning becomes important to avoid traveling through down town metropolis. I am sure many of us, myself included whose navigator, we’ll say miscalculated, for lack of a better term, and taken us there. We lived to speak of it, enough said I’m sure.

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Diesel Pusher

The Diesel Pusher

A term used for the ultimate large class ‘A’ motor home with the diesel engine in the rear, usually 32′ to 42′ in length.

You have probably stood with your mouth open as one of these luxury land yachts floated by. One of the main issues with a motor home besides the purchase cost and high maintenance cost is getting around after setting up in an RV resort or boondocking location.

Many motor homes tow a car or trailer containing another mode of transport to get around once camp is set. Without another vehicle a simple trip for groceries, more wine, or a visit to a local attraction becomes a major inconvenient production, if not impossible.

Everything except maybe a lawn chair or two left to reserve your spot needs to be loaded or stowed.

A final note if you are considering this option of  towing a vehicle. Check with the manufacturer to determine if your vehicle can be towed without causing damage to the running gear.

By now  you should have a better understanding of what each model or type of RV has to offer, and a better idea of which model or design suites your needs.


pinkd VW


Purchasing an RV is a big decision, the right model to fit your needs is equally important. It can be frustrating and disappointing buying something that does not fit your plans.

If you plan to travel and see the sites a smaller compact RV may be your choice. Once you have seen the world a larger more roomy RV setup at one location for extended periods may work.

If you have a large budget to work with or you are considering full time RVing a diesel pusher may be your choice.

RV Accessories

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4 thoughts on “Buying an RV – Which Model is Right for You? Part 2.”

  1. What is the make and model of the first RV you have pictured in your article? You have a caption highlighting it’s features (ramps that convert to elevated decks), but don’t indicate the make and model. Thank you!

    1. Hi thanks for your comment. The picture is not of our RV, it is one I took at an RV dealership in Phoenix. La Mesa RV. It is a 5th wheel toy hauler. If you google “5th Wheel Toy Haulers” it should bring up plenty of choices.
      I hope this helps.

  2. It doesn’t help actually, because I’ve done a million searches for “5th Wheel Toy Haulers” and I wanted to know the EXACT make and model of the one pictured because I like it and can’t find one like it anywhere. Thanks.

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