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Vancouver Island coast

BC is one of the most beautiful Rv destinations in the world . Rvers continually flock to this spectacular Canadian province to enjoy magnificent snow capped mountains, lush forests and grasslands. BC is blessed with more than its share of breathtaking scenery from the Kootneys in the east to the Pacific Ocean on the west.

Vancouver Island Ferry
One of these beauties is Vancouver Island. A two hour ferry ride from Anacortes Washington, Tsawassen south of Vancouver or Horseshoe bay to the north.
The trip itself to the island is unforgettable, as the ferry winds its way through the Gulf Islands. The ferries are huge and hold several hundred cars, trucks and Rvs and depart every few hours.

Victoria Downtown

One of the first stops on the southern tip of Vancouver Island offers many attractions and things to do from international icons like the Butchard Gardens to hidden gems like Canada’s oldest Chinatown or an adventure on the high seas with a whale watching tour.

Butchard Gardens
Butchard Gardens Victoria BC
Heading North
Nanaimo Beaches
Nanaimo Beaches

From Victoria take hwy 1 or for a side trip take #14 up the west coast to Port Renfrew for some spectacular salmon fishing (not recommended for large Rvs). Hwy 1 changes to 19 as it follows the spectacular coast line from Nanaimo north.

Killer whales
Killer Whales Vancouver Island

The trip to Port Hardy on the northern tip of the Island is about 6 hrs or 300 miles. I recommend taking at least several days or more to absorb the sites of this magnificent drive.

Qualicum beach
Qualicum Beach Vancouver Island BC

From Parksville take the beach drive 19a a slower trip but well worth it, or you can take a side trip across the Island to the amazing west coast to Ucluelet & Tofino small ocean side villages.

Tofino Vancouver Island BC
Tofino Vancouver Island BC

Here you can camp and enjoy the sandy beaches or watch surfers challenge the Pacific Ocean waves.

Highway 19a
Comox Vancouver Island BC
Comox Vancouver Island

Along this scenic byway you can camp on the ocean, charter a small or large boat for salmon fishing or beachcomb for wild oysters or mussels. This truly is an amazing area to explore. As you continue north from Campbell River the road shifts inland through untouched wilderness on the way to the end of the road Port Hardy.

Salmon Fishing
Port Hardy
Port Hardy
Sunset Port Hardy Vancouver Island

Another great place to try your luck at salmon fishing. Pacific salmon are one of the most sought after game fish in the world, not to mention one of the most delicious.

These magnificent fish although rare these days, can grow to over 100lbs of fighting madness. Ten to thirty pounds are common sizes.
If you have never tasted salmon steaks on the BBQ only hours after being caught you are in for a treat.

More Game Fish

Halibut Fishing
Fishing for large Halibut, rock cod, or ling cod are also exciting and very tasty, although you will likely need to charter a larger boat and voyage 20 to 30 miles off shore.

Shell fish are also plentiful in the west coast waters.

Prawn trap
Prawn Trap

Crab, prawns and scallops are easily caught with a trap lowered to the bottom of any quiet bay. A fish head or any meat will usually do the trick.

Leave the trap for a day and you should have plenty for a good meal.

He’s got Crabs

Always check with the local fishing store for regulations, also check for red tide before venturing out.




From Port Hardy you can take the ferry north to Prince Rupert, a 15 hour scenic cruise through the inside passage, or retrace your route to Courtenay and take the ferry across Georgia Strait to Powell River and the Sunshine Coast.

The Sunshine Coast
Sunshine coast Ferry
Sunshine Coast Ferry

Another magnificent trip on a coastal road with two shorter scenic ferry rides that take you back to Horseshoe Bay on the mainland.



The Gulf Islands
Salt Spring Island
Salt Spring Island off the coast of Vancouver Island

There are several side trips that can be enjoyed to various islands. Probably the best way to visit these islands is by car rather than a large RV or even on a ferry as they usually dock in a quaint island village that each have a flavor of their own.

RV Park Vancouver Island
RV Park Vancouver Island

I have done these tours in an RV as well as a motorbike. If this area is not on your bucket list it should be added.

West coast trail
West Coast Trail Vancouver Island
West coast trail1
West Coast Trail Vancouver Island












West coast trail 2
Vancouver Island

I have just touched on some of the attractions and adventures that await your discovery on Vancouver Island. There are many websites about this beautiful coastal area that you can visit for more information should you choose to visit.

I hope you enjoyed this article and it has given you a glimpse of Vancouver Island. If you have any questions or comments I would love to read them.

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Sunset Vancouver Island
Northern Vancouver Island

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