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This my second article about our fall trip to Alaska to read the first article "Planning the Trip" please click here.

Our group tour to Alaska will cover 4000 miles (6000 km). We are planning to sight see, do some fishing but most of all take our time and enjoy the trip. I think for all of us this may be the only trip to Alaska. A slight change in plans on our departure date four of us Ralph, Lois, Lynda and I will probably leave a day early, cause we can. Henry and Allyson have a family commitment and will catch up.

Allyson put together our itinerary. She did a great job, it looks like a professional business proposal that would rival any report at most executive board meetings. It contains 40 pages of pictures and descriptions of places we will be camping or stopping with alternates if her first choice is not suitable.

The plan is to travel for two or three days a maximum of 6 hrs per day and camp for two or three days. As a group, we prefer not to pay for overnight stops, Allyson has done her best to accommodate this preference.

Our stops that last for more than one night are on a lake, we will try our luck to land the big one. From what I have read there are plenty of lakes along our route, many with free camping. I love free. Because of the time of year Allyson has included the average high and low temperatures for our expected stops. As you will see some mornings could be frosty.

From what I have read, Alaska can get snow anytime in September but it does not usually stick until October. I tried to reserve camping at Dawson City RV park but it closes after labour day.

Dates Reserve                     Aver Temp
Aug 23/16   Day 1 – leave Princeton, head to Save On Foods in 100 Mile for shopping etc. and stay the night  
          Total 290 km 4.5 hours plus stopping time in Merritt. So we would have to leave early (7am??)  
  N Night 1 – Parking lot 100 Mile House             H-22 L-9
Aug 24/16   Day 2 – Drive to Dragon Lake               
       200 km 2.5 hours                
                  This would be a short drive and would get us to the lake early for set up and boat launch.  
Aug 24 & 25/16 Y Night 2 & 3- Roberts Roost (3121 Gook Rd). $33 p/n. Full hook ups,      H-22 L-9
      Wi-Fi, cable and pet friendly (Buddy!)            
                    This lake stocks Rainbow, and reports 12 lb’ers regularly                    
Aug 26/16   Day 4 – Drive to Sunset Lake                
      407 km 5 hrs                
  N Night 4 – Recreation Site on lake. FREE. However there are only 8 spots available and are  H-20 L-5
      1st come first serve. The site is 5.7 km off of highway. If it is full there is a rest stop 2km west  
       of Topley that will accommodate larger vehicles.        
Aug 27/16   Day 5 – Drive to Clements Lake Via Hazelton            
      413 km 5.5 hrs                
  N Night 5 – Recreation Site on Lake. Free.  But there are only 5 sites. So if it is full we could drive  
              into Stewart (about 1/2 hr drive), and find a place to park for the night. In either case we  
                 can take 1 vehicle…. Ralph- And go to Hyder Alaska.              
              Perhaps the guys would like to get Hyderized. LOL. (Google that)      
Aug 28/16   Day 6 – Drive to Kinaskan Lake              
                  269 km 4.5 hrs                
Aug 28, 29,30/16 Y Night 6,7, 8 – Provincial Park. $20 p/n This is another good fishing lake.    
    OR we could drive a little further (additional 65 km 1 hr) to Morchuea Lake Recreation Park  
     (also has good fishing). And is FREE, but again only has 8 spots.  So if it is full there is a rest stop   
    close by that we could stay at for the night and see if the park empties out and then stay a couple  
     of nights.                  
Aug 31/16   Day 9 – Drive to Boya Lake                
                 From Kinaskan 280 km 4.5 hrs.   From Morchuea 216 km 3.5 hrs      
Aug 31 & Sep 1/16 Y Night 9 & 10 – Provincial Park. $20 p/n ($10 after labour day)       H-15 L-5
                This lake is apparently breathtakingly beautiful and has fishing (Lake Char and Whitefish)  
Sep 2/16   Day 11 – HELLO YUKON – Drive to Teslin Lake.            
                   334 km 5 hrs                
  Y Night 11 – Government Campsite on Lake.  $12 p/n          
       (All Government Campsites are $12 in Yukon)          
Sep 3/16   Day 12 – Drive to Pioneer RV Park Whitehorse            
                    161 km 2 hrs                
Sep 3, 4, 5/16 Y Night 12, 13 ,14 – Private Camp site. Dry Parking $18-$22 p/n, Hook Ups $32-$35 p/n   H-13 L-3
       So it would be a good base camp while we explore Whitehorse. (Leave boat in Whitehorse)  
Sep 6/16   Day 15 – Drive to Tatchun Creek Camp            
      211 km 3 hrs                
  N Night 15 – Government Campsite. $12 p/n            
Sept 7/16   Day 16 – Drive to Dawson City RV Park            
      330 km 5 hrs                
Sept 7 & 8 Y Night 16, 17 – Private Camp Site. Dry Parking $17.75 p/n, Hook Ups $26.75 – $39.95 p/n H-12 L-1
Sept 9/16   Day 18 – HELLO USA – Drive to Chicken Creek RV Park          
      172 km 4.5 hrs                
Sept 9 & 10 Y Night 18, 19 – Private Camp Site. Dry parking $18 p/n, Hook Ups $28.80 – $36.00 p/n    
Sep 11/16   Day 20 – HELLO AGAIN, YUKON – Drive to Lake Creek Camp Ground      
      340 km 5 hrs                
  N Night 20 – Government Camp site. $12.p/n            
Sep 12/16   Day 21 – Drive to Marsh Lake              
      409 km 6 hrs (Pick up boat in Whitehorse)        
  N Night 21 – Government Camp Site. $12 p/n            
Sep 13/16   Day 22 – Drive to Watson Lake              
      394 km 6 hrs                
  N Night 22 – Government Camp Site. $12 p/n           H-10 L- -1
Sept 14/16   Day 23 – HELLO BC, WE ARE BACK – Drive to Liard River Hotsprings      
      217 km 3.5 hrs                
Sept 14 & 15 Y Night 23, 24 – Provincial Camp Site. $16 p/n           H-10 L- -1
Sept 16/16   Day 25 – Drive to Alaska Hwy 416 km Recreation Site          
      344 km 4.5 hrs                
  N Night 25 – Recreation Site. Free. This is more of a rest stop than a camp site.    
Sept 17/16   Day 26 – Drive to Sundance Lake              
      456 km 5.5 hrs                
  N Night 26 – Recreation Site. Free             H-15 L-0
Sept 18/16   Day 27 – Drive to Davie Lake South              
      249 km 3.5 hrs                
  N Night 27, 28 – Recreation Site. Free. If this is a nice spot we could stay 2 nights   H-15 L-5
    Mountain White Fish, Lake White Fish, Rainbow & Dolly Varden. Shallow lake max depth 36'  
Sept 20/16   Day 29 – Drive to Tzenzaicut Lake North            
      260 km 4 hrs                
  N Night 29, 30, 31 – Recreation Site. Free.           H-15 L-2
    10-15" Rainbow, also Char. Flies and spinning tackle are recommended. Shallow lake, max depth 38'  
Sept 23/16   Day 32 – Drive to LacLaHache              
      185 km 3hrs                
  Y Night 32, 33, 34 – Provincial Camp Site $ 18 p/n          
    Kokanee, Rainbow, Lake Trout, Char and Brook. 1-1.5 lb. Spinning lures preferred.     
Sept 26/16   Day 35 – Drive to Watch Lake              
      70 km 1 hr                
  Y Night 35, 36, 37, 38 – Private Camp Site "Ace High Resort" $28 p/n (partial hookups)   H-12 L-0
    Rainbow – 1-2 lb common size. Troll, spin and fly lures recommended. Max depth 48'    
Sept 30/16   Day 39 – HOME COMING DAY –           
      326 km 5 hrs                
      Plan the debriefing / windup Happy Hour !!          
    In Summary :                  
    We will spend about $530 + tax on some in camping fees.        
    We will travel about 6100 km (not including side or day trips).        
    We will drive about 90 hours (again not including side or day trips).      
    We will spend about 39 days on this trip            

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