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Lynda & I around the campfire somewhere in the southwest desert.
Lynda & I around the campfire somewhere in the southwest desert.
Hi, my name is Gord (Gordon) I am a retired business owner. I ran a successful construction painting business for 35 years.  I am married to the love of my life Lynda….. after many years of hard work and saving we were able to retire early.
We sold our house in the city and moved to our lake cabin 3.5 hrs away from friends and family. We have 5 grown children and 6 grandchildren 5 years to 23 years.
Our lake cabin is in a resort community  25 miles from the nearest town of 3500, although the town is small we can purchase our basic supplies.
Our community swells to several hundred in the summer and dwindles to less than dozen in the winter. After living in a large metropolis for most of our lives living in a remote area takes adjustment.
We keep ourselves busy with hobbies, Lynda is a quilter, I’m certain if she didn’t need to eat and sleep she would never leave her studio. I envy her passion.
I keep myself busy doing odd jobs around the community, building decks, painting, cabin repairs and maintenance, supplying firewood to the locals, plowing driveways in the winter, not in the summer, lol.
Our extracurricular activities ranging from ATV trips in the mountains, fishing in the numerous lakes of the area to ice fishing and snowmobiling in the winter.
Once we’ve had our fill of winter sports and all the projects we never have time for in the summer are completed, then…….

…..we load up our RV and head south to the sun.

The reason I established this website is to share our knowledge of 20 years of RV travel.
RV traveling can be challenging, we encountered many problems that may have been averted if we had some forehand knowledge.
In the beginning, we flew by the seat of our pants, at the time I wished there was more information about the things to take care of before you leave as well helpful hints along the road.
Things as simple as how to stay in touch with our kids while traveling without it costing hundreds in cell charges, or to check highway conditions before heading out, and ideas for overnight stops while on the road.


Click the link above to check out free overnight camping with other RVers
Click the link above to check out free overnight camping with other RVers


I am confident my this website will make your RV Retirement Travel more enjoyable and rewarding experience for you.

Get ready to live the dream.

Gord B.
owner and developer of this website.
PS  If you are interested in creating your own website click here to check out my story.
e-mail. Gord@rvretirementtravel.com

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    1. To join Arizona camping group there should be a button on the page that says join group. If you want to subscribe to my website and get updates just click on the button to the left that says join site.

  1. Thank you for you site. Always good to get as much info as I can. We are about a year away from retirement and I can’t wait to enjoy it too!

    1. Hi Bill thanks for commenting, our group is leaving for the southwest US around the beginning of Feb. till the first part of May. After that next fall a trip across Canada and down the east coast of the US, probably about 20,000 kilometers.
      Thanks Bill

  2. So glad I found your site. Because Sheila has retired recently I was reading some issues from 2016 and came across your stories of Colorado Basin. We are from BC and will soon be snow birds of sorts as we intend to travel to a warm destination during the winter months here in BC. Very nice site and I will be subscribing to have all your valuable hints and suggestions.
    Thanks again
    Bob & Nan L

    1. Thanks for your interest in my website, I’m a month or two behind writing due to frozen pipes, flooding, and evacuation from wild fire, quite the year in the Okanogan.

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