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There is nothing like HITTING THE OPEN ROAD
Hi, welcome to my RV Travel website. Lynda and I are avid RV travelers. Since retiring, more than 10 years ago we’ve enjoyed many tours throughout North America.
Our RV travels have taken us from our home in southern British Columbia, Canada north to Alaska, south to Mexico and east to Texas and Florida enjoying many sights and experiences along the way.
 In recent years Lynda and I took up traveling with close friends, we continue to travel as a group. Traveling with others adds another interesting dimension to RV travels. Besides the safety aspect Lynda and I find ourselves involved in activities we would not have tried traveling alone.
I began writing about our RV travels  2 years ago. Since then I have published 4 e-books about our travel experiences as well as helpful books sharing information we’ve learned during our 40 years of RVing.
Christmas is coming a RVing  book would be a perfect gift for the RVers in your family.
Whether you are new to RVing, have owned an RV for years, or just enjoy interesting reading these books are for you.  Starting at just $4.99,  available on Amazon. com and .ca.

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My first book, OUR RV TRAVEL TALES, is five short stories of our real life experiences. RVing is definitely not a dull life, sometimes far too exciting.
From the story of a rogue trucker and the mayhem he caused us in Texas to finding ourselves in the middle of a nudist colony in Quartzsite, Arizona and the disappearance of our camping neighbors on the Colorado river.
 A collection of 5 well-written short stories that will entertain and engulf you. These true stories are intense, “The Hell Truck”, “The River”, “A Too Close Encounter”, “The Quartzsite Book Store”, & “A Day In The Life of a Retired RVer”.


” Suspense”  “Thrilling”  “Hilarious”
“I was riveted,  I missed my bus stop,” writes Laurie from Princeton, B.C.
“Amazing stories,”  writes Marcia from RV Magazine.
             Our RV Travel Tales book cover


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The Snowbird’s Guide 


Written by Snowbirds for Snowbirds
10 Years in Development
A practical guide for Snowbirds and other travelers with help planning and preparing  for vacations  and extended trips. A decade in development without the fluff of other travel books.
“A Great Help” says Gerard from Chilliwack, BC.


Written by real life Snowbirds containing specific checklists and advice on avoiding the common pitfalls of traveling.
This great guide will help prepare any traveler for a happier and less stressful vacation.
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The RV Buyers Guide


Read how 40 years of owning RVs can help you decide which RV model is right for you.
Lynda and I have owned most RV models from a tent trailer to a large class ‘A’ motor home. In this book we discuss the pros and cons of each model.

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 A great gift idea.



My last book, The Boondocking Drycamping Guide, describing how to set up your rig for camping off the grid without losing your creature comforts. From sizing your solar system to transporting fresh water and disposing of your black and grey water.
Imagine extended dry camping without running our of power or water and enjoying the evenings watching your favorite TV show and more.


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In this book Lynda and I share the knowledge gathered from our experiences boondocking throughout North America.
This guide will answer most of your boondocking questions.

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Starting at just $4.99.

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