A Park Model in the Warm South – Is it for You?

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Common area entrance Landscaping


On our continuing spring travels in Arizona we have left our BLM camp in Cottonwood and headed south to Surprise, a suburb in the north west corner of Phoenix. Surprise is a new community with all the modern conveniences within a short drive, including many popular restaurants, shopping and several spring league baseball stadiums. Of course several golf courses that provide all levels of play are close.

It’s the end of March and the temperatures in the south are heating up high 80’s & 90’s so why are we venturing south while most are heading in the opposite direction?

Our Place
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Park models in Sunflower RV resort


Several years ago we bought a park model in Sunflower RV Resort,  even though we were not ready to settle in one spot for the winter, the prices were far below replacement value.
Once the temperatures started warming up, our travel plans on our winter/spring foray to the south usually includes a stay in an RV park. There is nothing like a pool to cool off.
On one of these visits to an RV resort park we wandered into an open house of a park model.

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One of the pools at Sunflower


We were impressed with the functionality of the unit, and the idea of owning a unit in a resort with so many amenities, was the clincher. We took the plunge with the intent that eventually this would be our winter home after the travel bug had been satisfied.

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Fitness area at Sunflower


A contributing factor to our decision was the rental possibilities, and a way to recover some of our expenses.
Owning a park model in a resort is not cheap, although compared to staying in a hotel resort or renting a house it doesn’t seem too bad.
The first year our unit rented for 3 months, almost covering our expenses, the second year was much better, a five month rental. There was money left over to pay for upgrades.
Even though we are renting out ours it is still available for our use in the fall and late spring. The weather is warmer, but with A/C and the pools it’s a very pleasant respite from the desert.

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Cactus Garden



The Renters

Being that most RV resort parks in the south are age restricted this definitely helps screen potential renters. Our experience so far has been just what we were hoping.  A return on our investment that pays our expenses and still time available if we choose to use it.

After arriving and spending the first few days cleaning, and allowing time to visit with old and new friends and some pool time, we are ready to relax and enjoy the  social times in the resort.

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Dog park and bocce ball area to the right.


The Park Model

These cozy homes come in many shapes and sizes depending on the addition of Arizona rooms or finished bunkies. Arizona rooms are additions that can include another bathroom, a living room, another bedroom or whatever the imagination or space will allow. The bunky, as I call it, is an additional detached sleeping, laundry, storage room, or a combination.
The general size of the basic model is about 12’ x 35’ while some of the newer ones seem bigger. Park models are not huge but we find ours very adequate and the small size is cleaned in a jif it seems, (not my dept.)and very little maintenance, (my dept).

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Pickle ball courts

The lot is about 40’ x 60’ that generally includes parking for one car and maybe a golf cart. These are used by many for traveling through out the resort. Although we prefer to walk or ride our bicycles.

Is It for You?

Some of us have no desire to boondock in the desert or haul a rig half way across North America to see the sights, but still may desire spending their winter in the warm south without the expense or worry of a second house, and the social experiences of other retirees.

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Tennis courts


If these are your thoughts a park model in an RV resort may be just the answer. Most RV resorts have restricted access, ours is gated with an attendant or the gate is locked at night and only opened with an access code. This does provide a sense of security although some isolated thefts have been rumored.

The Resort
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Entrance landscaping


Whether you are an outgoing life of the party type or not, life in a RV resort has something for everyone. It’s a great life style. Everyone is in the same situation, all retired or close to it and looking to enjoy the next stage of life. The fruits of our long working years. Sunflower has approximately 1100 lots and 80% of these have park models.

RV resorts offer more activities than one could possibly take in during one winter, or maybe even in several. Visit Sunflower RV Resort on the internet for a full list of amenities.

It’s a Blast.
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Dance area with music stage to the left and Tiki bar in the back ground



Even though we are here mainly in the so called off season we find plenty to enjoy. The pools of course tops the list, but during the week the Tiki bar is open and offers food and drinks at bargain prices. Situated next to the entertainment area with music from some over the hill band playing the oldies makes for an enjoyable evening.

If you are considering a park model purchase for your winter getaway the late spring is the best time to purchase, sellers are motivated.

If you would like more information on our unit visit Kijji,

 Ad ID 583276179.

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Gord B

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Lawn bowling area.



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