A New RV E-Book – The Boondocking Dry Camping Guide


A great new kindle book about Boondocking and Dry camping.


Boondocking and dry camping is probably the most exciting and satisfying camping adventure. Cheaper, more space, and quieter are just some of the advantages of boondocking.

After 40 of RV travel and boondocking from the Canadian wilderness to the Mexican border Lynda and I wrote a book to share our extensive knowledge of boondocking.

Learn how to prepare your RV for extended boondocking adventures without leaving behind the creature comforts you enjoy in an RV resort.

Learn about solar power, batteries, water & sewer transport and much more boondocking tricks and ideas.




Take advantage of this low post-publication price $4.99

Click here to check out "The Boondocking Drycamping Guide" on Amazon.com also available on Amazon.ca


Download this ebook to any device in seconds.

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